Kokoro is a Japanese word that translates into English as the unification of Body, Mind and Spirit. We believe that the quintessence of a fulfilling life is the unification of spirituality and nutrition. Our goal is to not only unite us all together in oneness, but to also educate, inspire and change the world in which we live in.

Choosing a vegan lifestyle isn't just about a diet or food choice. It is about coming to enlightenment and bringing forth awareness in making a conscious decision to eat more compassionately. We've all heard the phrase, "You are what you eat", right? What we eat infuses directly into the cells of our body, which then effects our energetic vibration which changes who we are emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Eating organic, plant based foods not only nourishes our body, but also our mind, body and soul!

For us, living the vegan lifestyle is about love and compassion for all living creatures. When we show love and compassion towards all beings, we begin to vibrate higher and the light within us shines bright. That light is connected to the same light that is within all living souls; and when we connect to it we begin to change the world!

Brian Wheeler www.bigwheelenterprises.com

Brian is a life coach and motivational speaker that specializes in empowerment. He has worked with people all his life, and has a true passion for helping others heal through all aspects of their life. He also brings 20 years of restaurant experience to Kokoro Kitchen, and has a passion for food and wellness. That passion wasn’t always a healthy one; after breaking his back in 2005, Brian let bad habits consume him and in 2010 he weighed In at over 325 pounds. He began his journey to health and wellness after losing his breath while playing catch with his son in the back yard. At that moment, he realized that he had to make health and wellness a priority so he can be active and present in his children’s lives.

Brian has now lost over 110 pounds, has become a personal trainer (www.facebook.com/BigWheelfitness) and has created his own workout program called Cardiometrics . (www.facebook.com/Cardiometrics) He is incredibly active, loves to run obstacle course races and is now a Blackbelt in Taekwondo. Through his journey of losing weight, he was very mindful of the food he was eating, but the main focus was on movement and exercise. It wasn’t until the summer of 2017 while attending a Vegan music and art festival that it finally clicked; the path to true wellness and lasting health is rooted in the nutrition we choose to put in our bodies.

Brian’s decision to become 100% plant based was solely a personal decision; he enjoyed the way he felt, how his body responded to natural ingredients and how well his body recovered from physical activity. It took a few months to learn the lessons about how animal consumption is destroying our environment, truly advocate for animal welfare and realize the spiritual and holistic benefits. Veganism is truly a lifestyle, not just based on nutritional decisions.

Gia Cowan

Gia Cowan

Gia Cowan is a 32 year old native from the Pacific Northwest region, growing up In both Washington State and Oregon.

Life has always been a rather quizzical journey. Her soul has longed to find meaning to what life is all about. In search to fulfilling that void, she set out and began to spread her wings at the age of 15, having lived in various different states, traveling across the country multiple times and traveling the world as well.

It wasn’t until the spring of 2014 that she very vividly recalls her first spiritual awakening. It was like a light bulb had been switched on from the vast dark place in which where her spirit once resided. It was from that moment on that she awakened to the reality that the answers she so longed searched for about life and the meaning of, were no better found than from journeying inward. For her, that was the key to opening up the first door to a whole new world. Like with most spiritual awakenings, even with this newfound light, one must still shed the many layers in which no longer serve you.

Gia Cowan has since overcome her struggles and now shines as a beacon of light to help others on their journey as well, which is why she has created her Facebook page Shaping Evolution (www.facebook.com/shapingevolution) to help inspire others on their own journey.

Gia’s Spiritual journey and yet another spiritual awakening, is what led her to become vegan. In her own personal journey, spirituality and Veganism brought forth a greater amount of knowledge and a deeper connection to ALL life. Gia states, “Once my soul began to truly awaken, I knew from deep within that all living beings are worthy of love and compassion. Honest love awaits in each and everyone of us, often fallow until shaken, like a caged bird, insensible, yet longing for the moment to be set free.”

Eating healthy and maintaining a healthy, holistic lifestyle has always been of importance to her, in addition to helping heal others as well. Being both passionate about healthy food and wanting to help heal others, she couldn’t seem to focus on just one area, as she couldn’t see one more favorable then the other. However, it came to her just last year when Gia and her boyfriend were collaborating about starting a vegan meal prep company and that’s when she had an “ah-ha!” moment. She soon realized that she could collaborate both of her passions into one career, hence how Kokoro Kitchen came about.