Kokoro Meal Plans

Here at Kokoro we offer a wide range of meal plans sure to suit your individual needs; from one to five day meal plans, fully cooked & Raw Food packages, a kid's menu, fresh raw juices, made to order fresh nut milks and even Alkaline water. Choose a meal plan that's right for you!

Our Promise to You:

Fresh, never frozen,
Fresh, Organic Ingredients
Gluten Free
6 stage alkalize water filtration
100% Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly Packaging
Every Meal is Prepared With L❤VE!

1 Day Meal Plan

$60 (Raw Meal Plan)

Ideal for those busy on-the-go days, and perfect for a day long road trip! Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert

3 Day Meal Plan

$150 (Raw Meal Plan)

Perhaps you're not quite yet ready to commit to a full week meal plan or you just love to eat out a couple of times a week... Whatever the reasoning may be, we have just the meal plan for you! Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & One Dessert Choice.

5 Day Meal Plan

$240 (Raw Meal Plan)

We know that life can be busy! This meal plan is perfect for those bustling around non-stop from morning, noon to night. We melt away your stress, while you add a little extra time in your life for some much needed R&R! Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & One Dessert Choice

When you have multiple orders in the same week for your family members on our 5 day plan, there is even more value built in!

  • 1st person: $200
  • 2nd person: $175
  • 3rd person: $150
  • 4+ persons- $125

Raw Meal Plan

5 Day $240

This meal plan is perfect for those who prefer to enjoy whole, fresh and unrefined plant based foods completely raw and in their natural state without any cooking!

Kokoro Kid's Menu

Anyone who has children know all to well that it can be difficult to get your little ones to be engaged or remotely interested in trying, let alone liking anything that's healthy for them. This menu is sure to be a win for even the pickiest of eaters!

Individual pricing can be found on the Kid's Menu Page

Raw Juice Cleanse

15 Juices $85

Whether you want to incorporate raw juices to boost your energy, help control your appetite and cravings or are committed to a full juice cleanse, the Raw Juice Cleanse will be perfect for you!

Fresh Nut Milks

Let's face it, why would you purchase store bought, watered down nut milk when you have fresh and creamy nut milks readily available? Our nut milks are made fresh the day of pick up or delivery and are best consumed within 3 days of purchase. They can be frozen, however, we do not recommend freezing them in glass jars.

Our nut milks are sold in 32oz containers, and are available unsweetened, or sweetened with the finest quality Madagascar vanilla, dates and coconut oil.

Almond- $4.00 (plain)
$4.75 (sweetened)

Cashew- $4.00 (plain)
$4.75 (sweetened)

Macadamia- $5.00

Brazil Nut- $4.00

Oat: $4.00

Hemp: $4.00 (plain)
$4.75 (sweetened)

Alkaline Water

Yup, you've read right! Here at Kokoro we have invested in a top of the line Alkalizer, using a proprietary SAFEWATER TECHNOLOGY™ to remove common water contaminants as effectively, while preserving healthy alkaline minerals in water. It's special 6-stage design is engineered to provide the cleanest, freshest water possible.

We just ask that you please bring in your glass jug for refill or you may purchase them from us as well.

$2.75 Per 1 Gallon Fill (BYO) or $4.75 1 gallon fill and purchase of our beautifully designed Kokoro Kitchen jug with our logo!


Any of the menu items listed here on the Main Menu may be combined with any of the Raw Menu items that are NOT marked with an * asterisk symbol. Due to the time and preparation it takes to make certain raw menu items, they may be added but at an additonal fee will be applied.
Be sure to check out our Menu Options page for our full list of prices. Keep in mind, we offer a great value and big discounts when you place multiple orders for our 5 day meal plans.